25 août 2010

Photographs at SMK

Lindsay Seers is exposing at Statens Museum for Kunst until the 26th September.

Her work concerns the history around her mysteriously disapeared stepsister Christine. This takes through memories and old photographs, in a search for truth. The art installation is as misterious and worrying as the history and the search in way that everything -object and subject- melt together in a strange feeling. I took home the book "It Has To Be This Way", about the exhibition and the process behind it, and will read it in the coming days. It seems the whole exhibition has to be searched through the different medias: art installation, film, pictures, sound, book...
In search of a search?

Before getting to the right spot, due to -or should I say "thanks to"- confusing panels, I was directed to the permanent photographs collection of the museum. Three rooms retrace the history of the researchs, experiments and objectives that the photographers have set themselves up to. From the beginning of the 20th century, with Man Ray and his fellows, to contemporary artists, the walk is interesting and so fascinating! Go and get lost up there (last floor of the building).

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