19 août 2010


The Danish Center for Architecture (DAC) is currently running an exhibition on the work of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa.

Few words, few models but everything is said and done here. Purity, clarity and clever thinking is revealed by the photographs and the white cardboard models. The architecture vision and project comes from within... The thinking and process is based on human movement flows, inside-outside relationships, mathematical and structural logics. No wonder they both won the Pritzker Price.

The only little scepticism I still might have about their work is that the purity of the forms and relationships they create is sometimes difficult to see unless you are told about them. This gap might give some frustrations to users or passing people, those who see and explore the building and their surroundings every day.

I had the chance to visit the SANAA school in Essen: a splendid and fascinating masterpiece. But I only understood its role and situation in the site when I had visited it. It is to be seen from inside and the qualities and beauties of the industrial site are promoted from inside.

Nonetheless, the detailling is rather superbe.

Go and have a look!

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