4 juin 2010

Kayak in the harbour

Saterday is Grundlovsdagen in Denmark. It celebrates the first Main Legislation adopted in the country on the 5th June 1849. It is as close as you get to the National day here and it celebrates also our democracy -I am not going to start a debat on that point here.

In stead of being lazy, I suggest a free kayak tour in the inner harbour! Realea and Mykayak are behind the idea and hope thereby to awake interest around the Bryghusgrunden project -Brewhouse project, see the posts on guided tours with DAC.

Where and when? At Mykayak, just by the Bryghusgrunden on Christians brygge, close to the Black Diamond, between 14:00 and 16:00
Read more on http://www.cphx.dk/#/428304/

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